Elise Anderson

Fitness Instructor

Elise Anderson has been teaching fitness classes at Impact Athletic for the past fifteen years. She began her journey as an AFFA certified Fitness Instructor, and then branched out to receive certifications in Personal Training, Cycling, Group Power, R.I.P.P.E.D, and Body Pump. Weight training has become a passion for Elise, which is why she has gravitated to “lifting” classes. She loves watching those who attend her classes become addicted to becoming stronger; she believes that strength is a mindset—a journey that is fueled by determination, persistence and consistency. Besides being a gym rat, Elise loves spending time with her four daughters, taxiing them to their many activities. She is also an English Literature junkie, loves watching her favorite shows on Netflix and is an avid Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard fan (an indulgence she allows herself occasionally on the weekends). Most of all, however, Elise loves the energy she feels when she has finished a challenging workout; and, even if she complains about it for the rest of the day, she understands how blessed she is to truly understand that hard-earned muscle fatigue is the best feeling in the world because pushing through barriers inevitably leads to spectacular results!

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