What is Spinning?

Spinning is more than a name. It’s a global mission to provide people of all ages and abilities the chance to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more than 20 years, Spinner bikes have been doing just that. Though our company was once nothing more than a garage workshop, our cardio exercise machines have since taken the world by storm. Our business has grown bigger than our dreams could have ever imagined; however, our passion remains the same. We want you to have the health and longevity you deserve..

Because the Spinning program is only as successful as those who teach it, we make sure that every Spinning program instructor receives a comprehensive education regarding how to get the best workouts from our Spinner bikes. The Spinning program is known around the world as the #1 exercise bike educational course and resource for Spinning instructors. Because our instructors employ our uniquely designed workout program in thousands of studios, gyms, and other exercise facilities in every corner of the globe, we remain vigilant about keeping our classes fresh and fun.

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Spinning at Impact

Interest in Spinning at Impact has grown recently, and many new classes have been added to our schedule.

Our instructors are excited and talented Spinning enthusiasts who can help you get settled into your new favorite workout, and we have recently added several new instructors and several new classes ... come join the fun!

Our newly redesigned Spinning studio

Interested to start yourself?