Success Stories

Nick A

I’ve lost 40 lbs in the last month and feel great.  On the 15th of December I decided to go on a diet and stop drinking pop and eating anything with sugar in it.  My wife didn’t think it would be a good idea through the holidays because she knows how much I like sweets.  But I told her that if I can’t do it now I’m never going to do it.  And guess what???  I made it through the holidays and I’m still going strong now the next 40 lbs.       NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

March 2013

Dee W

Fitness Coach:  Brittany I feel great!  This program has started me on my way to a better way of life and jump-started my fitness routine! March 2012

Lyle M

Fitness Coach:  Alyssa I am taking the needed step to ensure I continue my healthy lifestyle change!  I feel great about that!

Jim S

The best group of people that care about your fitness and safety! May 2012

Karen C

Fitness Coach:  Alyssa The Members 4 Ever program really helped me to be comfortable with the facility and the staff.  It was great! May 2012

Mike J

Fitness Coach:  Alyssa I am very happy with my results and the initiative the program has given me.  I will continue to try to meet the goals I have set. February 2012

Terry B

Fitness Coach:  Cindy It is nice to have guidance on Strive and how to tailor my program.  It is also great to have my 14 year-old son take a program and work out with me! April 2012

Stan B

I feel more confident and I have more energy.  I can feel and see a difference! June 2012

Megan H

It has helped me understand my goals that I have set for myself.  It has also helped push me to come to the gym more.

Misty R

Fitness Coach:  Kyle I feel really good and confident coming to the gym.  Meeting with a trainer  helped a lot to gain more knowledge about something I really didn't know much about. July 2012

Terra W

I feel great!  It helped me jump-start my program!  Thanks ever so much for the help! July 2012

Hermilo B

Fitness Coach:  Kyle I feel this program was great!  I liked each appointment and the information I received. June 2012

Alta B

I feel very motivated to continue my workout program.  I am very impressed with the individual help I have received and how friendly everyone on the staff has been. I plan to continue trying to achieve my goal.  Thanks to all of you!

Tiffini T

Fitness Coach:  Jenny I feel refreshed and encouraged and equipped to start my journey to health and fitness! March 2012

Bob P

Fitness Coach:  Cindy I feel great and very positive about achieving my goal!  My coach was very helpful about the equipment, injury prevention, diet info, and programs available. February 2012

Michelle H

Fitness Coach:  Jenny Since starting here at Impact Athletic, I've become more confident in knowing how to use the gym equipment an Strive.  I know better what is available to me.

Travis H

Fitness Coach:  Brittany I feel good that I had some motivation to keep going and that my measurements changed. March 2012

Mark N

Fitness Coach:  Alyssa I feel good about the program that Alyssa has put me on.  I have more energy and feel stronger.  I feel a big difference an look forward to my next physical to ask what the results are! March 2012

Rebecca L

EXERCISE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!  I LOVE IT!!  But that has not always been the case.   18 years ago I started because I wanted to make a lifestyle change.  I didn't want a temporary quick fix either.  I have always had good health and I wanted to keep that. I also wanted to feel better about myself.   No one hated exercise more than I did,  so it was a stretch to begin.   I am so grateful that I stuck with it because I can't get thru the day without it now.    I think I'm addicted!  People laugh when I say that but it's true.  What started as a habit to improve and retain my physical health has turned into more of a mental therapy for me.   I can cope with stress much better - (just ask my children).  Depression is not a problem and I have the  mental energy I need to be a good wife, mother and now grandmother.  Exercise gives me a lot of emotional and mental strength; not just physical.  I have discovered that I need and love cardio exercise and I need it every day.   My first pick is still a good heart pumping cardio workout.   I have also learned in the past 18 years that I need to exercise for the most part at Impact Athletic. I need the energy of the classes, the instructors and the music.  It is such a supportive environment.  They say if you are going to stick with an exercise program it needs to be enjoyable to you.  Exercising alone at home is not fun.  I have also made some very dear friends in the process.  The sociality is good medicine as well.   I feel the money I spend to be a member is money well spent.  If I wasn't spending it at Impact Athletic, I know I would be spending it at the Dr.'s office (medical or psychiatrist) or pharmacy.  I have learned the value of exercise in keeping myself healthy and I never want to take it for granted. December 2011  

Julie M

After 2 months at the gym the results were there but slight. How frustrating! Deciding to stick with it I changed a few things in my work out and tried to eat healthy. Now, 6 months later, I'm feeling great and the results are fabulous! Although it was hard to stick with it in the beginning, it has been totally worth it. I have more energy, I feel better, have lost pounds, lost inches, and working out is fun now instead of exhausting! Trainer, Rayette Wright, says….."Julie, you look fantastic. You are an outstanding example of trusting the process and believing in yourself. Way to go Julie!"

Darla N

I want you to know just how much that the WOW program has helped me in my weight loss journey. I have been a yo-yo dieter all of my life and many times lost weight only to  gained it back plus gain more.   When I came into the WOW group I was at an all time high point on my scales and very ashamed of my weight.   I didn't want to even face the scales, let alone to face them in front of someone else looking over my shoulder.   Rayette has been so wonderful and good about the whole weigh in for me that it turned what I thought would be something very negative that I couldn't face into something positive.   I have tried many different diets from starvation to high protein diets, and loosing weight has always been very hard for me.   One time I did a starvation  type diet for 2 months and only lost about 10 pounds.   Of course I could not keep up that diet, because it was awful, and my teenage daughter started lecturing me because I was starving. She was becoming concerned about my health.    I finally realized I was setting a terrible example for her and I wasn't loosing the weight.    With the Wow Program  I have been given many tools to help me with my weight loss.   My metabalism has seem to be kicked into gear and I have now lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks. Imagine loosing 25 pounds and I didn't even have to starve to do it.   I am so excited! I haven't felt this good for years.  I am loosing weight in  a healthy way and setting a great example for my teenage daughter.   I love feeling healthier and eating healthier. I am well on way with my new weight loss journey.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the class and the group setting. I have made many new friends and have a great support group.   I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to be with such wonderful people. A BIG THANKS go out to  Rayette and all the wonderful women who are in my group that have helped me on this program. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who is trying to start a new weightloss journey.