New Logo, Better Us

December 30, 2019
Impact Athletic

We couldn’t think of a more perfect time to introduce you to our new logo. The season of fall does a beautiful job of letting all of summer’s beauty go in the most colorful way. That said, change is inevitable and something we should embrace, but that’s not always a good enough reason to change a logo.

To start off, we didn’t decide to change our logo just for the sake of changing it. Second, we learned it’s not very easy to create a logo that is simplified, yet distinct.

This was our first shot at it. And we didn’t end up loving it. We realized we were just as constricted when it came to design as we were with our first logo. And our first logo was loved by many, including us. So it was a hard change to accept.

See what we mean?

Let’s go back to the beginning.

In 1979, Racqueteers Health and Fitness Center started, at the time, it was basically 8 racquetball courts. We evolved from there, with additions added including our fitness rooms, cardio and weight rooms, nursery, basketball court and the pool.  In 2004, we realized we had outgrown our name and that is how Impact Athletic came about (with our logo).

And we loved that logo and everything it stood for. Yet, it was evident it needed to evolve because it was extremely easy to get wrong. It was colorful – using three out of the four primary colors. And, at the time it worked. But it made design tricky because we were limited by the colors we could use. And if you placed our logo on the wrong color, it was all sorts of bad.

So here we are, today, with our new logo.

This time around, we didn’t want to be stuck with a single color but rather create a unified look. When it came to redesigning, it was crucial that we match our visual identity with our overarching mission. Plus, of course, fix a few key issues:

  1. Both our first and second logos did not scale down in small spaces
  2. The circle shape of our last logo was confining and not easily extensible into other designs
  3. The overall look of our last logo was not distinct enough – after all, we did share it with Anytime Fitness!
  4. The distinct colors of both our past logos limited us in many ways from a design standpoint, while also making printing with any consistency incredibly difficult

So why did we decide on this new look?

  • First off – it’s memorable. When you see it, it’s easy to read and has a clean look. Our logo can be used alone, without Impact Athletic next to it, making it easy to scale down when needed.
  • The shape of our logo is simple, 3 lines that create an I(mpact) and an A(thletic). The lines can be used to connote fitness and strength but if you’re an abstract thinker, it might also resemble the mountain range near us.
  • It’s scalable and by using black and white, we’ve given ourselves flexibility. We see it more like a stencil, rather than confined to a color choice. It’s a flexible logo, one might say. We can use as many colors as we need to showcase the diversity of our gym.
  • Most importantly, it’s timeless.

Through the rest of 2019 and into 2020, you’ll see the visuals around Impact Athletic aligning around this new direction: on the website, in advertising and on social. It’s still us. We’re still Impact Athletic but this time, we’re a little more consistent and we hope, instantly recognizable.

Love, the team at Impact Athletic.

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