25 Days of Fit-Mas is Back!

Welcome to 25 Days of Fit-Mas! Sign up before November 30th to jump in on the challenge! Winner takes home the cash pot!

Welcome to 25 Days of Fit-Mas!

25 Days of Fit-Mas is back! If you are looking for a health challenge to end the year on, this is the one! Livingston will be hosting Fit-Mas this year and it's pretty simple– complete daily and everyday challenges for points. Whoever ends up with the most points wins the cash prize! The more people that sign up, the bigger the cash prize gets!


Members: $50

Nonmembers: $80

$20 of the sign up fee goes toward the cash pot (and must be paid in cash)

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up and pick up your packet before November 30th!

2. Each of these challenges are worth 5 points each. Collect the most points to win the cash grand prize!

- A Daily Challenge will be released every day. The Daily Challenge will be shared by 6 AM every day. These challenges are worth 5 points each.

- Club Visits: Each time you visit the club, check in on Facebook. 5 points per visit.

- Small Group Trainings: Attend two per week. (You'll receive 6 small group-trainings). 5 points per training

-Inbody: You will receive 3 free Inbodys. 5 points per Inbody

- Bring a Friend. (You'll receive 2 free guest passes). 5 points per friend.

3. Sign up with a friend and start out with 20 bonus points!


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